Convenient Berries.

It’s me again, and I have the real scoop on kiwi.

Kiwi is a berry.

Got a big fresh kiwi?  Cut it in half, use a spoon to scoop out the juicy berry goodness, and eat it.  You can eat the fuzz too, but that is not necessarily a popular practice.  Feel free to eat the seeds.  Everyone’s doing it.

Too busy for utensils to enjoy some delicious kiwi?  Well there is a solution for YOU.


Kiwi’s cousin, the BABY KIWI.


Don’t let the name fool you.  Baby kiwis are not just immature kiwis.  Baby kiwis are a botanical cousin of the bigger brown fuzzy kiwi.

Baby kiwis are the size of really big grapes or grape tomatoes.  In case you were not aware, both grapes and grapes tomatoes are berries too.

Sometimes baby kiwis are called kiwi berries, but all kiwis are berries.  Even big kiwis are berries.



Check YOUR local produce section for these poppin’ fresh super snacks.  If the fruits and vegetables person does not know what you are talking about, make sure to educate him or her.

These sweet snacks generally come in a 6 oz. clamshell, but I would prefer a 5 lb. box of fresh baby kiwis.  If the fruits and vegetables person has never heard of baby kiwis, tell him or her that they are packed in 5 lb. boxes.  Trust me on this one.

Baby kiwis.  We all need ’em.


If lovin’ kiwis and Will Smith is a vice, GOOD.